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“Double Government” in the US – an explanation for another Obama failure?

Review of essay by Michael J Glennon Harvard National Security Journal January 2014.

There is a fairly widespread feeling in international circles that the Obama presidency promised more than it delivered, and the continuity in national security policy of the Bush presidency is seen as part of this. Many observers, at home and abroad, are disappointed at this, and struggle to explain how Obama has signally failed to live up to his promise of fundamental change.

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China’s Use of Its Financial Muscle: China’s Growing Financial Power May Not Be As Strong a Weapon As Many Think

There is a widespread belief (apparently shared by President Obama) that because of growing Chinese economic and financial power, and particularly its large holdings of US securities, China can now dictate terms to the US, particularly on financial matters. Even the assumption that this is the case by policymakers can lead to restricted policy decisions and choices. Continue reading

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