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Al Qaeda Resurgent

Read Richard Whelan on Al Qaeda Resurgent, on how the Arab Spring and clumsy strategic responses by the West, have given radical Islamic terrorism the kiss of life – Village magazine Dec 2013-January 2014 issue

In May 1, 2011, when US Navy Seals and CIA agents tracked down and killed Osama bin Laden in his hideout in Pakistan, President Obama immediately linked his death to the 9/11 attacks on America. Justice had been done; Al Qaeda had suffered a devastating blow, the president proclaimed.

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The euro: not the end yet, but the beginning of the end perhaps …

As currencies go, the European single currency is not in great shape. The problems of the two-speed Eurozone are well known but the consequences of the failure of repeated waves of measures to fix it are not yet fully understood. We struggle on in hope of some new measure, probably from Frankfurt, to get it through the current storm and into less turbulent waters. Continue reading

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The US Israeli Lobby

Richard Whelan shows that specific Christian groups are the real power in the US Israeli lobby, in an article in the April 2014 edition of Doctrine And Life, published by Dominican Publications.

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